Metal_Furs: Furrys and anyone into Metal!

Metal_Furs: Furrys and anyone into Metal!
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Welcome to Metal_Furs!

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Metal_Furs is:

Basically, A community surrounding the metal scene. A haven for furs and furrys to meet one another, share metal, formulate ideas on music, search for bands, ask metal questions, discuss concerts and express metal opinions, etc, etc. If yer a fur or furry who is really into metal, then you've come to the right community! If you are someone who just simply enjoys metal music, then feel free to join the community!

Simple Rules:

1. Metal_Furs is a drama free zone. Which means no flame wars, threats, or abuse. Any comments or submitted entries that are considered overly offensive to the Maintainers or Moderators will be deleted. Warnings will be given in these cases, if offensive efforts pursue, you will be permanently removed and banned from this site.

2. Metal_Furs has moderated membership, so to join as a member, request to join and you will be considered.

3. All Entries that are submitted through Metal_Furs are moderated by the Maintainers and/or Moderators. As soon as you submit an entry, your request will be considered before posted officially.

4. Metal_Furs posting can only be done by members. You must be a member in order to submit any posts to Metal_Furs. There are no restrictions to only particular members submitting posts.

5. All forms of metal music are to be respected here upon submission of personal opinions.

6. If you are posting something that is NSFW {Not Safe For Work} Please, please, please keep it under an LJ cut! For more information on performing an LJ cut please consider the LiveJournal FAQ or ask someone in the community.

7. Keep Posts or information METAL! That's the entire premise we try to expand here. If you have any other type of news or concern, be sure to make that clear in the first sentence that you write for an entry. If you are writing a very long or full-of-pictures post, please again respect other people's FLists by keeping it all under a LJ cut.

8. Enjoy yerself! And please ask questions in the form of comments or catch the Maintainer's or Moderators through other means of communication. {i.e. e-mail, IM, etc}

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket A Message from Shadowlight {Shad} Maintainer and Moderator of Metal_Furs:
Hey there everyone! This site was started for the simple communication purpose of uniting furs and anyone who likes a good riff or a platnum album to share and talk about. Most likely we are located all over the world, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the same type of music or learn a thing or two. If there are any questions about the Metal_Fur community, please make sure to contact me through drone_dragon, my Livejournal or IM.

"A world without metal is like listening to a car starting up but just can't. Metal is that very ignition."